direkt vor Deiner Haustür.

Gerade zurück aus dem Ausland und schon wieder Fernweh? Auslandssemester geplant und jetzt schon Lust auf die Erfahrung? Oder einfach Spaß an interkulturellem Austausch? Hier bist Du richtig!

Was könnt ihr mir bieten?

How to make the best out of your stay in Aachen

Erasmus life in Aachen

Where to live? What to do? Who to meet? When to be where? We've got the answers to (most) of your questions. Klick here to get a good base of knowledge about your life in Aachen!

HOMIE-Group Programme

A main issue internationals face is: "How do I meet ze true Sauerkraut-eatin' Currywurst-lovin' Lederhosn-wearin' Germans?". Guess what, we got the answer. It's a pleasure for us to introduce you to our Humongous, Outstanding, Mindblowing Initiation for Exchange student Groups (HOMIE Groups). Klick here to find out more!


At the beginning of each semester we provide you a full week of fun and meeting lots and lots of people from all over the globe. You'll find all events coming up on our Facebook Page!

Semester Programme

During the semester we organize lots of culture and fun events. Klick here to find out about how to stay posted about what's coming up!